Boost your Immune System with Gong Meditation

How Gong Meditation Boost Immune System

The sounds and vibrations of the gong effectively synchronize our Brain and Heart frequencies into a harmonious balance. This enables our brain to go into a deeply relaxed meditative state called the THETA Brainwave state which boost our Immune System and promotes Healing. Give your immune system extra support and stay well & calm during the Covid 19/ Coronavirus outbreak.

More benefits of THETA Brainwave state, see below....

Benefits of THETA Brainwave state

Boost Immune System – If our bodies produce too much of a surplus of stress chemicals like adrenaline, it can have a negative impact on our immune system. The THEAT brain state puts us into a state of relaxation it releases the happy feel good hormones and neurotransmitters that can assist in building the immune system back up to optimum.

Healing for the Body – If you are feeling burnout, run down, trying to recover from an illness, or post physical exertion, as you go into a deep level of relaxation the body and mind can easily restore and rejuvenate. You start going out of sympathetic nervous system mode (fight or flight) and into a parasympathetic nervous system state (where the systems within your body are relaxed enough to start doing the healing in areas it is needed).

Stress and Anxiety Reduction – As Theta state promotes deep mental and physical relaxation, it regulates your cortisol levels within your body (stress hormones), which in turn lowers heightened stress and anxiety levels.

Deep relaxation – Our brain only goes into theta during sleep, hypnosis or deep meditation. The relaxed effects of being in theta state, thanks to Gong Meditation can last for days after.

Creativity – Theta Brain state activates the right hemisphere of your brain, which is your creative side. Many people report post-float feeling and renewed creative drive to go write music, do art, execute a new idea that has popped into their mind. A lot of inventors, artists, musicians activate Theta on a regular basis, therefore it enhances creativity.

Problem Solving & Learning – Sometimes your Gong Meditation session can be an hour of problem solving. Going into theta can bypass mental blocks and get you into a mental flow, enabling new levels of thought and perception, so you can approach problems more effectively. They also give you the ability to focus better and be greater motivated on one idea.

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