How GONG MEDITATION can help mental health & combat stress & anxiety in professional footballers

There have been lots of media attention recently regarding the mental health of the professional footballers. Combining in the recent launch by The Football Association of the (Heads Up) campaign.

Liverpool Manager Jurgen Klopp & Defender Andy Robertson were recently discussing the launch of Heads Up, a new series of films featuring candid conversations about mental health in football.

West Ham Striker Michail Antonio says Premier League stress can affect mental health

Michail Antonio believes the stress of playing in the Premier League can have a negative impact on the mental health of footballers. He says the constant highs and lows that players experience at the top level of the game are the reason football is now taking mental health more seriously.

"Imagine you had a bad day and then you have thousands of people telling you you're terrible. You need to give up, blah, blah, blah," he said. "There is massive stress in the game where you constantly have to be your best”. "Those are the reasons why mental health in football is key. The PFA are starting to realise the steps they need to take to help professional footballers."

How can GONG MEDITATION help mental health & combat stress & anxiety in professional footballers

Gong Meditation, also known as a Gong Bath, is one of the easiest ways to meditate - no prior experience necessary. All you have to do is lay down on a yoga matt & close your eyes. De-stress & relax as you allow the sound and vibrations to “bathe" your mind, body & soul. This will guide you easily into a meditative state of clarity, inner calm, well-being & that promotes healing

How does it work? Its simple sound carries energy in patterns of waves. When the sound waves reach the ears those waves are turned into electrical signals that affects the central nervous system, putting us into a rest-and-relax state (activating the parasympathetic vagus nerve running from the cranium through the trunk, which controls the lungs, heart and digestive tract and also modulates stress response, emotions and mood. "Sound is directly involved in the regulation of all of our viscera, mainly—though not exclusively—through the vagus nerve. One of the most important aspects is to introduce stable, consistent frequencies to the body, as opposed to the chaotic vibrations created by negative emotions, such as fear, anxiety, stress & anger.

So, what we're doing with the use of the sound & vibrations created by the gong is, changing the chaotic vibrations and overcoming them by introducing coherent, stable vibrations with the use of the gong. The theory is that the brain then 'entrains,' Studies have shown that entrainment is effective for improving sleep quality, reducing stress, anxiety and can help reduce pain.

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