OM Yoga Show London

Updated: Oct 24, 2019

Good to see that one of the busiest events at the OM Yoga show in London today was the Gong Meditation. More and more people discover how beneficial the Gong Vibrations are for mind, body and soul. No wonder... Gong and Sound Bath Meditations are said to be next big trend in holistic lifestyle. It's so easy and complementary to any Yoga practice.

Benefits of Gong and Sound Meditation:

Perfect for everyone and especially for those who struggle to meditate

Sound waves & vibrations center the wandering mind

Fast track meditation & stress relief 

A powerful tool to soothe, calm & find inner balance

Spiritual & harmonizing

Reducing anxiety, depression & promoting well-being

Ideal meditation for beginners & experienced

The sound balances the body’s energy field & encourages inner healing

The vibrations open chakras & release blocked energy & emotions