"Deep and instant relaxation for the busy mind..."

"My first Gong Bath was a life-changing experience... - Andy

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Research further confirmed the powerful impact sound meditation can have on our physical and emotional well-being - my passion for all things Gong-related had begun!

Inspired by world-famous Gong Master Don Conreaux, one of the five original Kundalini Yoga teachers, I started my training under gong master Sheila Whittaker & gong guru Mark Swan. I completed both an intensive course in sound meditation & healing and Gong Training course certified by the College of Sound Healing.

I am immensely & forever grateful to my teachers who have shown me how to practice Gong & Sound meditation and to find calm and peace like I never thought possible.  


My passion and vision is to inspire and enable people to experience how easy and beneficial Gong & Sound Meditation can be!"




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I’ve always had an emotional attachment and deep love for music & the creation of Sound having spent my younger years DJ-ing most weekends around London’s club scene or private parties.


After surviving a life-threatening illness, I completely changed my outlook on life and started my search for inner calm & peace.  However, as many of us, juggling hectic everyday life, I struggled to find a way of switching off. My constant thoughts distracted me from meditating successfully.


This all changed when, by coincidence, I was invited to a Yoga & Gong meditation whilst on holiday in Sri Lanka.

The moment I heard the mysterious and beautiful sounds of the Gong, I was transfixed. The impact it had on me was immediate and life-changing...  

I had found the key to combining my love of sound with finding inner calm.  


The Paiste 38"Earth Gong is a truly spectacular instrument with depth and character.

I love how its rich tone creates such fantastic sounds and vibrations.


This large gong features a strong fundamental note tuned to represent a natural harmonic series based on the orbital properties of the Earth as calculated by Hans Cousto. Planet Gongs resonate harmonically with the cycles of the cosmos, communicating to us what has been known since antiquity as the "music of the spheres". Mysterious in sound colour, Planet Gongs convey an inspiring atmosphere.

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