"Deep and instant relaxation for the busy mind..."

An amazing first experience.

Had no idea what to expect but really enjoyed it

- Emma S.

I had a wonderful one to one

Gong Bath with Andy. His approach is very professional and friendly and I immediately went into a deep state of relaxation and meditation when he started playing. 

I couldn't recommend Andy highly enough! So much so, I have invited him to hold a workshop at my Clinic.

- Sen Wellness Clinic

Wimpole Street London/Retreat Sri Lanka  

I felt elated, the vibrations went right through my body and rose above me.

- Dolores A

Nothing like I've experienced before, the sound is out of this world so relaxing. I will definitely do it again. Andy is a natural!

- Ray W, WGC

Like being in a futuristic world!

Ominous at first, then powerful and releasing

- L. Taylor


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